Douglas Fir, Christmas Tree Seedlings

A Douglas Fir makes the perfect Christmas tree. Whether planted and decorated outside, or grown in a pot to be brought inside each holiday. Although the tree can reach a huge 300' it can easily be controlled with yearly minimal pruning. Your seedling will be a healthy 8-10" when you take it home and you can expect it to double in size its' first year. When considering where to plant your tree, take into consideration that 8-12" vertical growth each year is normal.

Garden Planting Instructions

1. Decide whether you are going to let your tree grow naturally (if you have room!) or keep it trimmed and choose the space for planting accordingly. Dig a hole approximately 2" wide and 4" deep.

2. Plant the seedling and backfill, making sure the top of the plug (root in soil) is level with the top of the hole.

3. Mulch, keeping the mulch 1" from the seedling's stem.

4. Water.

5. If necessary, protect the seedling from animals with repellant or a cage.

Pot Planting Instructions

1. Your seedling is a slow grower and will live happily in a pot for several years. 

2. Use a deep pot, preferably one meant for trees and follow 'Garden Planting Instructions'.

After Care

1. Weekly watering is required until established. Soak once a week. A heavy weekly watering is best, it encourages deep root growth. In extremely dry conditions, extra watering is advisable. Fertilize (organically please) following manufacturer's instructions.

2. Check potted trees annually and increase pot size when roots are seen filling the pot. When repotting, the new pot size should only be 1-2" larger.

3. Remove competing grasses and weeds from planted trees.

4. A Douglas Fir is slow growing and shouldn't require pruning or shaping for some years. It should have one strong central leader growing upright. If you have a young tree with two stems, pick the stronger of the two and cut the weaker one.

5. If bringing in a potted tree for the holiday, acclimate the tree. Before bringing it directly into your home, set the tree in an unheated area, like the garage or basement, for a day or two.

6. Make sure to water often while in your home and mist the tree daily.

7. Use outdoor lights that will not be damaged by the water misting. Do not use spray 'snow' or decorations that are not removeable.

8. Repeat the process of acclimating your tree to being returned to outside. Place it in an unheated space for a few days.

















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