2024 Vendors

Art by Susan Teall ~ The Succulent Shack ~ Ravenscroft Home and Body ~ 2CranesPlants

Gemini Natural Images ~ Artwork by Keith Renard ~ Art by Francesca Panunti ~ Redfield Farm

My Fairy Furniture ~ Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden ~ Eastview Gardens ~ Peaches Greens

The Posy Plot ~ Greystone Gardens ~ Art by Marie Geiser ~ Bepa Studio ~ TeaTime Cookies

Crow Creek Soap ~ Kennedy Creek Growers ~ Kristal Eve Art ~ Florology

Brandy Lynn's Candles ~ Ever Joy Flower Farm ~ Goblin Hand Sudio ~ Mary Moon Apothecary

Gemini Natural Images ~ Safford Farm ~ Mountain View Mushrooms ~ JBW Creations

Pierro Plant and Garden Center ~ West Wind Jewelry Company ~ Karen's Craft Utopia

Cindy's Jewelry Creations ~ Trinity Goods ~ Yarn Ball Cuties ~ Christine's Botanicals

Zenchaser Bonsai ~ Wildflower Creatives


Food Vendors 

Evil Sweets by LuLu ~ SpaceTime Mead & Cider Works ~ 2wayz One Passion

El Bueno Amigo ~ Handel's Handmade Ice Cream ~ Pilgers Pastries ~ Papi's Kitchen

Local Charities, Groups and Organizations

Scranton Municipal Recreation Authority ~ Laurel Garden Club

Penn State Ext. Master Gardeners ~ Greenhouse Project

Lackawanna River Conservation Assn ~ Scranton Strong 

NEPA Velo ~ NEPA Bonsai Society




Vendors and organizations wishing to attend the 2024 Electric City Flower Show

While it is hoped that visitors to the show can enjoy a variety of vendors, it is important that we maintain a basic theme. The flower show is not meant to be a general 'craft fair', rather vendors (be they general sales, artists or artisans) are in keeping with the theme of the show. We ask that all vendors have a connection to gardening, botanicals, nature/the natural world, organics, conservation etc.

This does not apply to local community groups, charities, organizations and associations.


Apply by email: electriccityflowershow@gmail.com

You should confirm the following:

  • That you have read and agree to abide by the Vendor Rules as set out belo
  • If you are selling food consumable at the show, i.e. plated lunches and wrapped sandwiches or snacks, that you have a current City of Scranton license
  • By applying for space at the show online/via email, the vendors will be considered to have automatically completed an electronic waiver.
  • Whether you require a 12’x12’ space, or alternatively, the size you are requesting
  • If a returning vendor, if you are requesting the same space
  • If you would like to become a premier sponsor of the show (minimum sponsorship $250)
  • If you would like to present a *workshop

 * We are inviting anyone with experience or expertise to present a short (20 minute plus) workshop. Example subjects: Repotting/Seeding/Taking Cuttings/Layering/Growing Natives/Hybridization etc.


Electric City Flower Show (The Show)
Saturday June 29th 2024 10am-4pm


If you have applied to be a vendor at the Electric City Flower Show on Saturday, June 29th 2024 in Nay Aug Park, Scranton, by replying to the email from electriccityflowershow@gmail.com and confirming your registration, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree the Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement, and agree to abide by the Show Rules and Regulations.



I hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify Carol Deeley (herein referred to as ‘The Organizer’) Scranton Municipal Recreation Authority (hereinafter referred to as ‘SMRA’) with offices located at One Nay Aug Way, Scranton PA 18510, and its Board Members and volunteers, and the City of Scranton, a Municipal Corporation, with offices located at 340 N Washington Ave, Scranton PA 18503, and their respective officers; elected officials; agents; employees; and civil servants, from all liability whatsoever, of whatever nature, including but not limited to personal injury, death, negligence, and property damage of whatever nature arising out of the participation as a vendor in the Electric City Flower Show on Saturday, June 29th 2024 in Nay Aug Park, Scranton.


Park rules apply https://nayaugpark.org/policies/

Onsite trash disposal is not provided. Each vendor must leave his or her selling area clean and in orderly condition. All belongings, refuse and unsold goods must be removed from The Show area and transported from Nay Aug Park by the vendor. Food vendors must supply adequate containers for their customers to dispose of all associated food refuse and are responsible for the orderly maintenance and proper disposal of food related trash. Vendors failing to comply may be denied registration for a space at The Show in subsequent years.
Product Vendors: No fees for space or parking. SMRA request a voluntary contribution of $35 be made in advance.
Food Vendors: Vendors operating food trucks or having stalls for food consumable at the show, the
pre-paid, non-refundable fee is $75.

All payments to be made by Venmo @ECFS-Scranton

It is the responsibility of each vendor to abide by all state and federal regulations.
All vendors must complete an electronic waiver prior to the show date. All vendors must provide their own general liability coverage. SMRA cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage, or personal injury, whether accidental or intentional.
Food vendors must hold and display a current City of Scranton license.
The Show will be held rain or shine. In the event of closure due to severe weather, the organizers will contact the vendors by email, phone or text message. The Show will be rescheduled to the following day, Sunday June 30th, or alternate date, to be determined.
The Show will follow the current guidance of Lackawanna County. Vendors are asked to refrain from attending when sick.
This is a one day event, open to the general public 10am-4pm. Vendors will have supervised access to the park from 6:30am until 10am. Late arrivals must gain permission to enter the show area, be escorted to their spot, and then to the parking lot. Late entry is not guaranteed. An alternative spot may be offered and may be outside the main show area. Vendors will be expected to remain in the park for the duration of the show. Vendors may begin selling on arrival. Vendors are required to have everything loaded for removal no later than an hour after the close of The Show (5pm). The show area will be closed to all vehicular access after 5pm.

It is requested that vendors who have reserved spaces and are unable to attend, please give at least 24 hours advance notice or be considered a ‘no show’ and not invited to attend in subsequent years. Application to attend the show can be made but space will be allocated as available without guarantee.
Vendors must supply their own tents, tables, chairs, etc.
Nothing, including signage, should extend outside the designated booth space dimensions.
Amplification of vendor’s music/radio/car stereo etc. during The Show is not allowed.
All vendors must dress appropriately. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and firearms are not allowed at The Show, see park Policies https://nayaugpark.org/policies/

All vendors are responsible for the removal of trash from their booth space.
To protect visitors and the natural area of Nay Aug Park, all vehicles used to transport your stall MUST be removed from the show area to the parking lot by 10am. The parking is on a ‘first come’ basis next to the Brook’s Mine, then any public parking.
Vendors who choose to bring children to The Show are asked to ensure that the conduct of the minors is appropriate and not disruptive to customers or other vendors.
Acceptance of vendors will be at the discretion of The Organizer based on quality of the product(s) and the relevance of the product(s) to The Show.
All decisions of The Organizer, by members of SMRA, volunteer staff and in all matters previously described, are final.
SMRA and The Organizer have complete authority to interpret and implement rules and policies at The Show.
Quality control is an important factor. If there is complaint and your product is found unfit to sell, or not representative of The Show’s standards, the organizer may ask you to discontinue sales of this item immediately. Vendors who repeatedly attempt to sell these items may be asked to leave The Show.
Complaints against another vendor should be made to The Show Manager, Carol Deeley. If the manager is unable to resolve the complaint, one, or both of the vendors may be asked to leave The Show. Any vendor with complaints regarding policy or implementation of policy can request a meeting with the manager.
A violation of the rules i.e. which jeopardizes health or safety, or the reputation of The Show and/or The Organizer, the vendor may be asked to leave The Show. If asked to leave the vendor will be barred from selling at The Show in future years.










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