Entries Close Saturday June 22nd (11:59pm)

Important notes:

No entry fee/no prize money.

Multiple entries from one competitor, both in one category and multiple categories are allowed.

Exhibits to be delivered Saturday, June 29th, 2024 at the Nay Aug Park, Marmi and Gentile pavilions: 8am - 10am.

Vehicles MUST be removed from the show site by 10am. The show site will be closed at 10am.

Judging will commence at 10am. No entries will be accepted after 10am except at the discretion of the judges.

An entry identified as clearly made in the wrong category prior to judging will be moved to the correct category. If identified after judging of the correct category has been completed, the entry will be moved and judged at the discretion of the judges.

Entries will be displayed anonymously for judging, i.e. without the name of the competitor. Names will only be made visible once all awards, including Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show, have been awarded.

First place (blue) and second place (red) ribbons only will be awarded with certificates.

Best in Show (purple and black) and Reserve Best in Show (purple and white) rosettes will be awarded with certificates and a voucher for a free cookie from TeaTime Cookies.

The organizers assume no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, exhibits or personal property of the exhibitors at any time.


What to do when you arrive on Saturday, June 29th: 

  1. Collect your entry slip from the volunteer wearing a green apron. The entry slip will show you the name of the pavilion and the ticket number/numbers allotted to your entry/entries.
  2. The tickets will already be in place on the tables in number order within each category. Find the ticket corresponding to your entry.
  3. Place your entry directly behind the ticket and tear off ONE stub. DO NOT move the ticket to another location. If there is not enough room for your exhibit, or you have any difficulty, ask a volunteer to help.
  4. Make sure you DO NOT turn over the ticket to show your name. The number only should be showing to maintain anonymity during judging.
  5. Judging will begin promptly at 10am and is planned to end at 12 noon. It may take longer, please be patient. There will be an announcement once ribbons are awarded.
  6. DO NOT interrupt the judges. You will be allowed access once they are finished and not before.
  7. 1st place winners will be moved to the Marmi Pavilion and Best in Show/Reserve Best in Show will be awarded. 
  8. Tickets will be turned to show names of the winning exhibits.

A volunteer will be there to help you if you have any questions..

Entries, including containers and any other personal property, may be collected after 4pm. Please do not arrive early. Any exhibits not collected by 4:30pm will be disposed of at the discretion of the organizers, i.e. given to volunteers, composted, containers will be recycled.


Potential Categories (subject to change dependent upon what flowers are in bloom):                                                                                                                       

Cut Flower Perennials, 1 or 3 Stem (identical):

1 - Gladiola 

2 - Clematis

3 - Daisy & coneflower 

4 - Hydrangea 

5 - Rose

6 - Peony

7 - Other perennial or biennial not separately categorized, including stems from shrubs 12" (total diameter of entry) or less

8 - Cut Flower Annuals, 1 or 3 Stem (identical)

Judges: Laura Haarmeyer, Carol Wenzel

o Single or three identical stems to be shown in a simple, clear bud vase or similar bottle.                

o Stones, glass beads etc. are encouraged to weight the vase.                                                                                                                  

o Please make sure the stem is cut short enough that containers with large flowers are not 'top heavy' and easily tipped. 

o Container to have clear water. 

o Clear tape to create smaller openings is allowed.

o Stems must not be wired.   

o Competitors may submit multiple entries of different colors and varieties.

o Definition of biennial: a plant that takes two years to grow from seed to fruition and then dies i.e. foxglove.

o Organizers will have final say as to whether a flower is an annual, perennial or biennial in PA (zones 5a through 7b).

Tips for choosing and displaying your entry are on the page 'Criteria for Judging Flowers'.


Category 9 - Miniature/Fairy Garden

Judges: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o Must fit in a base area 24” x 24”
o Outer container can be recycled or store-bought and alterations are allowed.
o Purpose-made, store bought ‘Fairy Garden’ containers are allowed.
o No height restriction, but the garden must be stable and self-supporting.
o Components and decorations can be made of recycled, repurposed, natural, or synthetic materials.
o Store-bought miniature items, e.g. figures, houses, furniture, decorations, models etc. are allowed.
o Battery-powered, scale appropriate lighting is allowed.
o Mirrors and glass materials are allowed in place of water, i.e. representing ponds & streams.
o Must contain live plant material.


Category 10 - Succulent and/or Cacti Planter

Judges: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o No restriction as to the type of planter but must fit in a base area 24" x 24"

o Must contain multiple species and/or varieties.

o Ornaments and decorative objects are allowed.


Category 11 - Mason Jar Posy 

Judges: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o Must be in a 16oz or 32oz Mason/Bell jar.
o Clear water only i.e. no added dye.
o Minimal number of stones or glass beads allowed, not to exceed 1/3 of the jar.
o Any live material allowed, the exhibitor does not need to have grown the flowers or greenery in the arrangement.
o No other material, either dried or synthetic is allowed in the arrangement.
o Decoration is allowed at the neck of the jar only, allowing an unobstructed view of the stems i.e. ribbon, hessian, raffia etc.
o Flowers must be unaltered i.e. no gloss spray, glitter etc.
o Lid, if present can be store bought for flower arranging or altered i.e. pierced, divided with clear tape etc.


Category 12 - Creative Container

Judges: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o Container must either be recycled, repurposed, or decorated with recycled materials.
o Businesses are encouraged to demonstrate recycling but may not advertise their store name.
o Must contain live plant material.
o Any live material is allowed, the exhibitor does not need to have grown the flowers or greenery in the planted or cut flower arrangement.
o Any recycled material, either dried or synthetic is allowed in the arrangement.
o There is no limit on size or weight, but the exhibitor is responsible for placing the entry.
o Exhibitor agree that winning entry will be moved to the Marmi pavilion for Best in Show consideration and subsequent display, at the discretion of the judges, and only if possible. Exhibitor has the option to move the display. The organizers accept no responsibility for damage caused to the container or its contents during the moving process.
o If the exhibit cannot be, or is not moved, it will still be considered for the Best in Show award.


Category 13 - Ikebana Arrangement

Judges: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o Must fit into a base area of 24" x 24"

o Minimalistic, balanced 3 point design (representing humanity, earth, and heaven)

o Fresh seasonal blooms only

o All elements must be natural material


Any child attending school through to, and including middle school (8th grade) may enter the Children's Category 14 - Annual plant (flower or vegetable) in any stage of development.
Children may also enter any other adult category. 


Category 14 – Children’s Entry, 1 (one) potted annual plant (flower or vegetable that is sown and matures in one year) in any stage of development.

Judge: Paul Epsom, Phyllis Reinhardt

o 1 (one) entry per child.
o The entry must have been sown and tended by the competitor, (adult supervision allowed).
o Age of the competitor must be stated.
o Must fit into a base area 24” x 24”
o Pot must contain only 1 (one) live, annual plant (e.g. salvia, strawflower, poppy, nasturtiums, begonias, marigolds, cosmos etc. or any vegetableof any kind, in any stage of development (does not have to have blooms or be a mature vegetable).
o Components and decorations are not allowed.
o All Children’s Entries will receive a Nay Aug Park pin.



Category 15 - Photography 

Judging: On-line voting (counted Facebook "Like")

o On-line entries only

o Multiple entries allowed

o Theme is Nay Aug Park's Many Seasons

o Entries can be submitted now through May 17th, 2024 to electriccityflowershow@gmail.com Use heading "Photo Comp"

o Voting open May 18th - May 26th on the Facebook page ECFS Photography Competition

o Voting will be by numbers of Like's on the individual photos. In the event of a tied number of votes The Organizer (Carol Deeley) will cast the deciding vote.

o First and second place entries will be printed and displayed at the show, then perpetually in the Nay Aug Park Community Room.

o Winning entry will be featured as the Cover Photo of the Electric City Flower Show Facebook page












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