Show Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2024
Location: Competition Flower Show, Marmi & Gentile Pavilions, located in the S.E. area of the park, near the Everhart Museum and Black Watch Coffee Shop. Workshops, Gentile Pavilion. For location of parking lot, pavilions, vendors, and restroom facilities, consult the site map
Exhibits received: 8am-10am
Judging: 10am - 12noon
Open to exhibitors and general public: 10am – 4pm


Pre-registration is required for each exhibit. See 'Entry Form' page.

Organizers reserve the right to reject any entry.
Send entry to:

Competition Rules and Regulations for Competitors

o Nay Aug Park Regulations apply
o Category Rules apply.
o No pets are allowed in the pavilions. Registered service animals must have current certification papers and be produced when requested.
o No exhibit will be entitled to space or considered in the judging until proper on-line entry has been made.
o No entry fees will be charged 2024.
o No prize money will be awarded 2024.
o The organizers will have full authority over allocation of space.
o All entries must be made in the name of the grower, or the individual arranging/growing the exhibit.
o All exhibits will be numbered, recorded, and an entry tag issued. This tag will be securely attached to the exhibit by the organizers and must remain on the exhibit throughout the show.
o It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure exhibits are clearly labeled with correct competition category on the entry tag. The organizers assume no responsibility for the incorrect tagging of, or removal of the tag from the exhibits.
o A claim tag with corresponding number will be issued to the exhibitor.
o Adult exhibits must be delivered 8:00am 10:00am Saturday June 29th 2024. 
o ‘Children’s Entries’ are to be delivered to the Everhart Pavilion between 8:00am 10:00am Saturday June 29th 2024.
o Exhibitors and general public are not allowed within the pavilions before 12noon Saturday June 29th, 2024.
o Judging commences promptly at 10:00am and will aim to be completed by 12noon Saturday June 29th, 2024.
o Judges must not be approached or questioned during judging.
o Entries made in wrong category may be moved to the proper class by the organizer prior to the commencement of judging.
o To qualify for Children’s Entries, competitors must be within the age range for elementary or middle school. There are no other age restrictions.
o Adult competitors may enter multiple exhibits.
o All of the cut flowers must be grown by the competitor, with the exception of those used in the Mason jar flower arrangements.
o No artificial or dried flowers and foliage are allowed in any category.
o Exhibitors must use their own glassware/vase with no visible advertising or decorations (exception being a beverage bottle or jar).
o All reasonable care will be given to all exhibits to prevent theft and/or damage, however, exhibits are entered at the competitor’s risk. Every effort will be made but the organizers, volunteers, and security detail, assume no responsibility for the loss of personal property of the exhibitors at any time.
o The following will be disqualified and removed at the discretion of the organizers: (i) unsightly exhibits that do not reflect the standards and integrity of the Electric City Flower Show, (ii) designs or arrangements that feature controversial or offensive subject matter, e.g. guns or weapons, (iii) any exhibit determined to be a hazard to other exhibits due to insect or disease. The organizer’s opinion and decision is final.
o Only one first place (blue) ribbon, and one second place (red) ribbon, will be awarded per category. Judges retain the right to withhold awards.
o All entries receiving a first-place award, including Children’s Entries, are eligible for the Best in Show award. One Best in Show rosette (purple/black), and one Reserve Best in Show rosette (purple/white) will be awarded. The perpetual Best in Show trophy will be presented but retained by the Scranton Municipal Recreation Authority for display in Nay Aug Park Community Room.
o After all awards are made, judges will not offer opinions or give reasons for their decisions about the qualities of the exhibits unless requested to do so.
o Entries remain on display for the entirety of the show.
o Removal of exhibits before the date and time specified will be cause for forfeit of all awards won and exclusion from subsequent Electric City Flower Show(s).
o Claim tag is required to claim exhibits after the show. If the claim tag is lost it will be necessary for the exhibitor to provide proof of identity.
o Exhibits must be claimed on Saturday June 29th, 2024 after 4:00pm
o Exhibits not claimed by 4:30pm, Saturday June 29th, 2024 will either be offered to Judges, Volunteers, general public, or composted/disposed of.
o Complaints and suggestions must be submitted to the organizers either directly during the show, or by email
o By entering the Electric City Flower Show, competitors hereby grant permission for photographs, images, or likenesses, in whole or in part, to be used in publications and future promotions.

o The Judge’s decisions in all matters ARE FINAL.

Releases/Hold Harmless
Nay Aug Park and the City of Scranton, their staff, affiliates, advertisers, and their sponsors are not liable or responsible for: (i) any claims, damages, losses, injuries, or death including any third party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, any contest, including entry and participation in any contest and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes (ii) any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting in participation of contests.