Artist's Co-Op

Are you an artist or artisan whose work is inspired by nature?

Do you have a limited number of pieces and don't think you have enough to have your own stall at the show?

Can't afford the time to spend all day at the show, or the expense of setting up a stall?

Then we have a solution. Register with the flower show to secure a place for your artwork on our new stall 'Artist's Co-Op'. For a small donation of 5% from your sale price (which will go to a charity of her choice), our volunteer Marie Geiser (who is a talented local artist herself) will display and sell your artwork for you.

There is no fee to display your artwork, but if possible, we ask that you donate an hour or two of your time to help run the stall with Marie; giving you the opportunity to promote and sell your work. 


Questions and expressions of interest: email