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I was so thrilled to receive a first place with my posy. It was completely unexpected and never did I imagine receiving a Reserve Best in Show award! Unfortunately ill health meant I couldn't attend in person, but I heard all about the show from my neighbors and can see all the pictures on Facebook. It looks like everyone had a lovely time. The ribbon and rosette will be much treasured. Thank you for organizing this event and I very much hope to be here making another posy next year.



I wanted to share my positive experience at yesterday's flower show. I spoke with over 300 attendees and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Everyone enjoyed themselves and plan to return next year, with some attendees traveling over an hour to attend, and even some from out of state. This signals that tourism is there and is expanding for future shows. 

Evelyn and Lauren


When I got home from the flower show yesterday, I had a few asiatic lilies that decided to flower while I was at the show, and they were beautiful!  That morning all I had were a few Stella D’ Oros to display. I found that humorous in a Murphy’s Law kind of way.   
Thanks again for all of your time and efforts on behalf of our community!  It was such a wonderful day.  My favorite part was finding all of the hidden gems our area had to offer-both places and people.
Much appreciated,


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the flower show. This was my first time entering and thanks to a nice discussion with Laura, I learned some good tips for selecting the best flower and how to display it. I happened to be in the pavilion when the Best in Show entrant learned that her beautiful lupine was the Best. She was thrilled and a good example of how flowers bring so much joy.

I look forward to next year!



Wow!!!! The show was so much more than I expected, the crowds, the beautiful park, the great vendors, ease of setting up, and the amount of sales we realized. Customers loved my work and showed it through their purchases. My son helped my granddaughter and I set up in the morning and then left for home.
As soon as he left, the crowds came and did not stop. We could not handle it with sales and restocking so I had to call my son to come back and help us.
We were still making sales past 3:00. The vendors were all wonderful quality, we bought flowers and plants for our own garden, had hotdogs, tacos, and ice cream. Our Nay Aug Park needs the love that it was shown yesterday.



Yesterday was an amazing show, I am so grateful to have been a part of it and would love to reserve our spot for next year's event. This was our first big event, and I was blown away and blessed by everyone's kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing such a delightful show!



This was the first time I volunteered for the show. I said I'd be there for an hour but ended up staying ALL DAY! It was such a great experience and the show was amazing. I even had a first place with my little rose and a couple of second places, it all made it a very special day. I'll definitely be back next year.




We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so very much for all of your very hard work, and dedication to the planning, organizing, promoting, and conducting “The Electric City Flower Show”. You really did an amazing job! We had such a wonderful time as one of your vendors! It was such a pleasure getting to meet you and your husband, and getting to chat with you was such a wonderfully added bonus! It really was a gorgeous day and a glorious success!!! We hope that you will continue to promote and continue this amazing event for many years to come! We already can’t wait for it next year! Thank you again for the button/pins we love them! 

P.S. please thank all of the volunteers as well!

Thank you once again!
Sincerely yours!
Keith & Joe


Congratulations on the successful flower show! I was one of the volunteers and just thought I’d let you know I was so impressed with how well everything was organized, the attention to detail, and how smoothly the show went. It was a pleasure volunteering at the show and I’d be happy to help in whatever way I can if you plan another show.

Kudos to you! 



I want to email you personally and let you know what a great event yesterday with the flower show. I have to say I loved it. The customers loved it. What a wonderful turn out. I’m praying you have it again next year. And thank you for letting me talk about pruning. I had a blast.

Please let me know if you need anything for next year.



Maureen and I had a great time at the show this weekend, and we agreed that we'd love to volunteer for next year's show now!

Please put us down for the same slot next year.

Thanks again and Great Job!



The entire day was fantastic - vendors, food , seeing all the beautiful entries.  I especially enjoyed all the presentations.  I’ve been gardening a long time, but I learned something new at each one!
Thank you to you and all the volunteers for bringing such a perfectly orchestrated event to the perfect venue.
Looking forward to next year!


I'd like to thank you and your team, what a great job you did on the flower show. The event was great and made everybody so happy. I got first in perennials one stem which was wonderful! The Reserve Best in Show was such a surprise! I got to know several growers with great products. Thanks again for the opportunity to share the story of my little blue hydrangea.













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